July 3, 2019

Optimize Your Instagram Profile in 10 Minutes or Less

Optimize Your Instagram

Instagram is an awesome way to reach new customers and nurture your relationships with existing clients. However, like many other social media platforms, it requires expertise and plenty of trial and error to get the best possible results. Users are 10 times more likely to engage with a brand or company on Instagram than Facebook or Twitter, so how can you harness that power for good (and in 10 minutes or less)?

10 Minutes to Optimize Your Instagram Profile 

  1. Always choose an Instagram Business account.
    A whopping 25 million businesses currently have Instagram Business accounts. These accounts don’t require an EIN or any “proof” that you are a business. They also allow you to access analytics on your post performance, follower growth and audience. You can also add additional information to your Instagram bio, like your hours of operation and a contact button for quick support. Switching to an Instagram Business account is free and only takes a few seconds.
  1. Use a tracking link in your profile.
    Instagram only lets you have one link in your profile, so you need to make sure that it’s a good one! Always use a tracking link so that you can see how many people are using your Instagram-specific link to access your website.
  1. Use multi-grid images.
    A multi-grid collage is a great way to draw attention to your Instagram profile and create unique designs. Many high-profile brands use multi-grid images to share big pictures that don’t look as great cropped into a single post. This technique also increases traffic to Instagram profiles, as many users will see only one of the images in their feed and visit the profile to check out the rest.
  1. Quality over quantity.
    It’s great to have a lot of Instagram followers, but if your followers are high-quality, it doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 or 10,000. Many of the most notable digital brands boast smaller, but highly-devoted followings. Instead of trying to curate a profile that gets the most “likes,” you should optimize your Instagram profile for your target audience.

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